News Release

November 23, 2006

Astrophysical simulation using GRAPE-7 selected as one of 2006 Gordon Bell Prize finalists.

Astrophysical Simulations by Atsushi Kawai, Saitama Institute of Technology, and Toshiyuki Fukushige, K&F Computing Research Co., are selected as one of this year's Gordon Bell Prize finalists.

The two researchers performed astrophysical many-body simulations on cosmological structure formation using our GRAPE-7 model100, and achieved $105/Gflops of price per performance, Their simulations were presented on SC06 conference, in Tampa, USA on November 16, 2006. Unfortunately, this year's Gordon Bell Prize didn't go to their simulations.

For details on the simulations and computing system, please see (presented by Atsushi Kawai):