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PGPG2 (Pipeline Generator for Programmable GRAPE, generation 21) is a pipeline-designing utility, with which users can describe arithmetic computations using a high-level language similar to C. The utility converts the description into a pipeline logic for GRAPE-7 and a user library to handle it.

Key Features

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Related softwares, data, and documents are bundled in an all-in-one package, which includes:

Usage Examples

To modify existing pipelines:
A user can modify number format and bit width of an existing pipeline, such as the pipeline for gravitational-force calculation equivalent to GRAPE-5, so that it suits the user's own application. In a case accuracy required for the application is lower than that offered by the existing pipeline, the pipeline can be redesigned with fewer hardware resources. Such a modification may cause increase of the number of pipelines integrated into the FPGA devices.
To design totally new pipelines:
A user can design totally new pipelines for his/her own purpose. Previous works in several fields of computational science are showing that, in some case, hardwired pipeline can accelerate calculation speed of molecular dynamics (MD), smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH), and boundary integral equation method (BIEM).

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