Products : GRAPE-7 : Acceleration Board for Many-Body Simulations

GRAPE-7 Model800


Key Features

Technical Specifications

Softwares, Data, and Documents

Relevant softwares, data, and documents are packed into GRAPE-7 Software Package version 2.2.1 (2009/4/24, latest). The package includes:

Documents included in the software package:

Old versions of the software package:


Initial Technical support for 3 months.

International Price

460,000 JPY

Usage Examples

As a hardware-accelerator for gravitational many-body simulations:
A GRAPE-5 equivalent pipeline for gravitational-force calculation is bundled. Its user library has an API compatible with that of conventional GRAPEs including GRAPE-5 and previous models of GRAPE-7 (Model100/300/600). Users of these hardwares can seamlessly migrate their own application codes.
As a general-purpose, programmable hardware-accelerator for arithmetic computation:
Users can design their own pipelines with a pipeline-designing utility PGPG21.
As an evaluation board for Altera CycloneIII EP3C120 and 16-lane PCI Express:
A pipeline-designing utility PGPG2 generates VHDL sources for all logics including those of pipelines and an interface to the host (except for the PCI-X core). All softwares including the device driver and the user library are provided with source codes. Using these sources, users can evaluate CycloneIII EP3C120 and 16-lane PCI Express.

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